Pune shopping festival

Shopping in Pune is fun. The place has diverse culture and the same applies for shopping. You can find street markets like chor bazaar to various malls in Pune. You can get anything from handicraft items from all over the world to the latest gazettes in Pune. The best shopping experience is shopping at a Pune shopping festival.

Who organizes Pune shopping festival?

Usually the Pune shopping festival is organized by the Sakaal group. Hence the shopping festivals here are also called as Sakaal shopping festivals. The shopping festival of 2010 was organized by Splendor events Incorporation in association with the Sakaal group.

Time period of Pune shopping festival

The shopping festival is organized just before Diwali. Some times, shopping festivals are also organized in May, as in case of shopping festival held in 2010. The climate during Diwali is very pleasant and it is more enjoyable to shop just before the main festival of Diwali. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals here in Pune. Shopping during the festival is considered auspicious. Also, the festive mood adds to the enjoyment of shopping.

Advantages of Pune shopping festival

The Pune shopping festival has some thing for every body. There are electronics goods, furnishings, garments and food sections. The shopping festival in Pune has stalls from various NGO’s, self help groups and entrepreneurs. There are various stalls that have small artifacts to various imported goods. You can find imported carpets, imported furniture, branded goods, etc. all under a roof. You can savor the local cuisine and chaat while you shop in the festival.

Events and activities at the Pune shopping festival

The Pune shopping festival has a number of events. There is photography exhibition, exhibition of solo paintings, workshops on different forms of art, phonics sessions for kids, workshops on Reiki, height gain camps, cuisine classes, calligraphy classes, workshops on warli painting, Terracotta, etc.

There are a number of cultural events like tamasha, folk dances, plays, singing and musical shows in the festival. You can experience the rich culture of the place while you shop for your necessities. There are also number of surprise gifts announced every day. There are gift hampers to be won and lucky draw events in the shopping festival. There is also a mega bumper gift that is announced at the closing ceremony of the festival every year.

Pune shopping festival is a fun filled event. It is an experience to shop here in the festival. You can also look forward to great discounts and a great shopping experience in the Pune shopping experience.

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